What Not to DoRetouching

This may seem overwhelming. So many pictures. “How do I choose?” I hear some of you saying!

The best way to proceed is to first choose those images you definitely DON’T like. Weed out those that may not show the real you. Perhaps it’s an off moment, a smirk rather than a radiant smile, a frown or furrowed brow rather than a gangbusters grin! This may take half a dozen passes over your session.

Don’t be afraid to step away from your images for a day. Your mood at the time of selection can greatly impact those “likes” and “dislikes.” Look at them in the morning and then again after dinner. You may also want to show them to friends to get an objective opinion from somebody you trust, but wasn’t in the room with you during your session.

I can help coach you through this process. It can actually go quite quickly once you identify your specific need(s). You may always purchase additional shots.

Lastly, you may want several shots for different occasions. You may want a folder on your desktop where self portraits and head shots are stored facilitating job or professional searches. If you’re marketing a new business, or updating your professional image, mixing up your look can positively impact your Links, your “Likes” and SEO. Your LOOKS!





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