What to ExpectImage Editing and Selection

Stress out!

Remember, this is the digital age and unflattering photos can be deleted as fast as they’re taken! Nothing goes public without your authorization.

Please do not show up late unannounced. Your space may be taken and a rescheduling fee may be incurred.

Please let us know if you’re bringing friends and family.

Regarding apparel, things to think about:

  • Suits may make you feel rigid. They’re confining. Don’t wear them if you don’t need to.
  • Patterns and bold styles can be distracting from your face
  • Solid red can also be distracting and make you look larger than life
  • Solid white can be distracting and make you look washed out. A sweater, V-neck or suit coat over the white softens the look
  • Should pads can make you look bigger than you are
  • A low cut top may appear lower as my perspective is generally higher, looking down somewhat on your face–as you’re looking up at camera.
  • Some contrast between your hair and blouse or shirt is desirable. Don’t wear black tops if your hair is black; don’t wear brown tops if your hair is brown.
  • Wrinkled clothes are not included in retouching fees–wrinkled faces are (to a degree!). Please make sure clothes are ironed prior to your session.




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