What to WearWhat Not to Do

Yes, this can be fun and a diversion from your usual day. Look at your session as if you’re going to the spa or on a gallery walk. Tell people you’re going to a “Photo Shoot.” (You don’t have to tell them you’re the subject!)

Portraiture is about moments. It’s about nuance. It’s about communication and mood. It’s about capturing an essence that can only be YOU!

Depending on the services you’re purchasing, you’ll have anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes with us. Once on set I move quickly to maximize our time.

Several outfits or suits may be considered. I’m happy to provide my opinion. But it’s best to come with a narrow selection of garments so we don’t waste time deliberating. It doesn’t hurt to come five or 10 minutes early if you’re unsure of your outfit. It also helps to relax. Breathe!

Come with your hair and makeup ready to go unless you’ve purchased Styling services.

For the next 15-20 minutes we’ll work together before taking a break. I will position and direct you–even cajole with you–as we work through a series of close, medium and wide shots. If you need to get up and walk around, or  loosen up–just say so! Smiling for minutes on end can be work!

Perhaps smiling is not the look you’re after? If your profession or skill set requires a certain style, or the pictures need to have a specific feel, make sure I know what you’re after. Most executive or professional backgrounds are plain grey, or white, but we can also do black. Again, think what this is for: Linkedin, Facebook, your resume, or a loved one? Do you need to stand apart from the pack, or blend in?

Portrait descriptors to consider: conservative, dynamic, active, colorful or black and white, stylish, up beat, revealing or closed. Confident and edgy, contemporary, hip, or smug.

Intermittently I’ll stop shooting and show you how things look. We can discuss the work here. Dialogue throughout the session is encouraged. We need to communicate in order to create an atmosphere where serendipity and spontaneity can flourish.  Also, feel free to stop and ask questions. If you’re uncomfortable in your pose–say so!

After we’re finished I’ll tell you your password so you will be able to access and review your photos online within a week. At this point your session is over and you can begin the Editing/Selection process.

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