What to BringWhat to Expect

The following are simply suggestions and are in no way ground in stone. They should be used as general rules–not absolutes.
If you like red, and you’ve been wearing red all your life, and you feel radiant in red–wear it. Chances are if you feel good about what you’re wearing you’ll photograph well. Don’t be shy about choosing clothes you love.

But here are some suggestions when picking out your apparel.

  • Wrinkled clothes are not included in retouching fees–wrinkled faces are (to a degree!). Please make sure clothes are ironed prior to your session.
  • Solid red can also be distracting and make you look larger than life.
  • Suits are confining. Don’t wear them if you don’t need to.
  • Patterns and loud styles can be distracting from your face
  • Solid white can be distracting and make you look washed out. A sweater, V-neck or suit coat over the white softens the look
  • Should pads are no longer vogue–and they can make you look a size larger.
  • A low top or neckline may appear lower as my perspective is generally higher, looking down somewhat on your face.
  • Some contrast between your hair and blouse or shirt is desirable. Don’t wear black tops if your hair is black; don’t wear brown tops if your hair is brown.


Makeup accentuates, defines, covers and refines. There’s a reason top models wear their makeup heavier than most–makeup becomes more transparent under bright lights. Therefore, to achieve the intended effect of makeup one must use more of it. This means:

  • Making your eyebrows bolder using a pencil defines the face.
  • Wear color on the lips. This will present a more polished appearance. It doesn’t have to be dark, but make sure your lips are fully covered.
  • Add more shadow and liner around the eyes
  • Blush gives more color to the face and cheeks.
  • Please bring your makeup along–we may need more!
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